About Me

Hi there! My name is Dayna. I'm so happy you are visiting my blog! This summer I found I have some extra time on my hands and decided to take the plunge and get my food, entertainment and lifestyle blog up and running so I can share recipes, entertainment ideas and lifestyle interests.

Why the name A Cup of Frosting?

You may be wondering why I called my blog A Cup Of Frosting. When I was a wide-eyed little girl, I would pull a up a chair next to my Dad, stand on the seat and watch him cook. He’s a fabulous cook. My Dad is one of those cooks that can just throw ingredients together without referring to a recipe and it turns out fantastic. I was always amazed by his ability to create such delicious dishes effortlessly. I wanted to learn how to create dishes like my Dad so I could make my favorite things to eat…like frosting. Frosting made out of powdered sugar, butter, cream and a little vanilla extract was one of the first things I learned how to make from my Dad. I loved this frosting so much that I would make it in a coffee cup, grab some graham crackers (if available) and eat it while hiding in my bedroom closet. I didn’t want my parents to find out I was eating so much frosting (hence hiding in my closet). My parents did find out about my closet frosting eating habit. We were getting ready to move to another city so my Dad was helping me pack up my room. He noticed all the hidden coffee cups of old dried up frosting in my closet…oooopppss! I had forgotten to remove those before Dad started helping me. He was a bit stunned but I think he was also secretly impressed I was making the frosting he showed me how to make. This is the story behind my blog name and to this day my Dad it still mentions the “frosting in coffee cups” story during gatherings!

Making Yummy Food and Drink

For me, it’s fun to make food and drinks that people find delicious. I am often asked how I made a certain dish or cocktail at parties I host. I also like to try new dishes on friends (I have very patient friends). I’d love to hear your feedback about the recipes I post. At this point in my life I have a big repertoire of some simple fantastic dishes that I love and also some dishes that are more complicated but worth making given time. I like to try to keep things simple but sometimes I really enjoy making something complicated (especially if it turns out fantastic!). I almost gush over with happiness when one of my friends or family tells me that something I have made is delicious.


Growing up, both my grandmother and mother loved to gather people together for dinners or parties. These events always seemed so festive and amazing to me. There would always be amazing decorations and divine food and drinks served at these events. I’d see the stories being told, games being played and guests laughing. I must’ve caught the bug! I love to entertain. I started hosting parties in my early twenties. I found that getting my friends together and seeing them having fun warmed my heart!


There are some things I’ve learned from my friends or by trial and error that have been helpful to me over the years. I’ll share those types of things in the Life->Everyday Things section of my blog. I’ve also travel a lot around the world. I caught the travel bug early on and I’ve been to some amazing places. There’s still so many places for me to visit in the world. You’ll see travel adventures under Life->Travel.

Other Notes

I’m new to blogging so this is a work in progress! There is still so much to learn! I’m so happy you have taken the time to read my posts and hope you come along on this journey with me. I’m sure all things will improve as I go along. Have the best day!

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