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It’s really started to look and feel like fall where I live. I love so many things about fall and not in any particular order:

  1. Watching the leaves turn color
  2. Feeling the crispness in the air even when it’s sunny
  3. The longer shadows when walking outdoors
  4. Turning on the fireplace, I have a gas one
  5. Wearing boots again – Woot! I’m a boot gal
  6. Homemade soups – I’ll be posting some recipes
  7. Football game gatherings with friends
  8. Fall TV previews – This is Us, love this show
  9. Wrapping myself in a big thick blanket on the couch while surfing the web or reading a good book
  10. Pumpkin recipes

A little confession; for the past couple months, I’ve been keeping my eye on a beehive. It’s a gorgeous beehive and the bees are the good bees not the scary hornet types.

Bees on a purple flower

The incredible looking hive is in the tree in front of my house but the tree resides in the landscaping between the sidewalk and street. Even though it’s in front of my house, it’s not my tree. It’s the neighborhood’s tree. I saw the neighborhood landscaping team out in front of my house about a month ago getting ready to trim the tree so I ran outside and asked them to leave the beehive alone. I told them it is a good bee beehive. They probably think I’m crazy but they didn’t take it down. I saved the hive. With fall here now, I’m not seeing the bees as much anymore but it was really cool while it lasted.

In the spirit of fall, my boyfriend surprised me with some little pumpkins on sticks. They are so cool! I love them. I added them to a vase of flowers that I already had to make the arrangement more fall-ish. I think you can get these at Trader Joe’s.

Something I do every fall (and every spring) is a closet switcheroo. It’s when I switch out my spring/summer clothes for my fall/winter ones and vice versa. Today, I woke up to a gloomy morning and thought it was a great day to do the switcheroo on my closet. It’s almost like shopping. I forget what I have packed away for fall/winter. When I pull my clothes out of storage, I’m always a bit surprised about what I have in the storage bins. A piece of clothing can feel new again. Woot!

This year, I’m getting rid of a lot of clothes that I’ve been holding on for dumb reasons.

  1. It was expensive.
  2. I’m 5-10 pounds away from it fitting right again.
  3. I haven’t worn it ever so maybe I should at least wear it once.

These are all bad reasons to keep some clothes I’ve been tossing, tossing, tossing them aside to donate or perhaps sell a few of the items. It feels good to thin out my closet. It’s freeing. I felt lighter when I was done. Do you know what I mean?

Let me know the things you love about fall. Happy fall y’all!







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