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Yipee!! I found an article of clothing so amazing that I had to share it with you!

Let me just start this post by saying, I have never really liked the look of my arms. I’ve never felt that comfortable showing off my arms by wearing sleeveless shirts or dresses. Now that I’m older, I’m even more self-conscious about my arms. Because of this, I feel like I miss out on wearing some very cute pieces of clothing that are sleeveless. On occasion, I’ll buy sleeveless tops but I’ll wear a cardigan over the top of them to cover up my arms. Not a great option if it’s warm out.

Recently, I was out browsing a local clothing store and I saw a really cute shirt on the mannequin. I asked the sales person where I could find the shirt in the store. She said, “Oh, that’s not one shirt, it’s actually two pieces”. She went on to tell me that it was a tank top with another shirt type of thing underneath called “slip-on sleeves”.  The slip-on sleeves are made by Sleevey Wonders. It was only the upper portion of a shirt used to create sleeves for sleeveless shirts and dresses. O.M.G.!! Not only is this a great idea for women like me who aren’t comfortable showing their arms but also just for stretching your wardrobe by wearing this piece under sleeveless tanks and dresses. I had to purchase one of these slip-on sleeves asap! The sale person told me they sell out fast. When I got my newly purchased slip-on sleeves home and tried them on with a few sleeveless tops and dresses, I realized I wanted more. No more feeling self-conscious about my upper arms! Woo Hoo! And they really change the look of tops and dresses! Double Woo Hoo!! They are fantastic! The slip-on sleeves come in many assorted colors and styles. The slip-on sleeves are also reversible so you can wear the v in the front or back depending on top or dress you are wearing. Check out all the different ways you can wear them!

Sleevey Wonders Slip-On Sleeves

I was so impressed by these slip-on sleeves that I did a bit of investigating and found the Sleevey Wonders website: I also contacted the owner to ask if I could feature her wonderful idea on my blog. She was very kind and agreed. Her name is Ruthann Greenblat and here’s her story of how she created Sleevey Wonders:

In my 49th year, I was exhibiting my art in several California galleries. I had just donated a series of paintings called “Life as Theater” to City of Hope’s Pediatric Cancer ward, and was invited to attend a gratitude gala. Unfortunately, the night before the gala, after taking a prescribed medicine, I experienced a near-fatal Stevens-Johnson reaction, with devastating consequences. I endured five years of agonizing pain, and fought like crazy to get my life back.

 When I finally regained most of my health in 2008, the economy had crashed, and I realized that my art was not the best option for generating an income. My husband had lost half his salary and both my adult son and daughter had developed serious chronic auto-immune illnesses. Our medical bills were enormous, and I was a mother bear on a mission to help save my family.

During this time –I noticed that my underarm flab was sagging like the economy, and was dismayed that most stylish clothes were sleeveless. My mission became clear: to create interchangeable sleeves that would transform any sleeveless garment into something chic and flattering, with sleeves! Believing there were millions of other women like me, my husband and I took a risk, and refinanced our home to get the start-up money to fund my idea. Through much effort, and R & D Sleevey Wonders was born!

 I started selling Sleevey Wonders online in 2012, and to my surprise, I soon had sales reps calling me. Today we’re in over 1,000 boutiques in the US, Canada, and the UK! Women of all ages are discovering my product and it fills my heart with joy to hear from happy customers all over the world!  And, like my engineer father, and grandfather, I now hold titles to quite a few patents! It is a dream come true to use my artistic abilities in new ways.

I turned 62 this year, and feel such motivation and determination to continue growing our business, while helping our children overcome their health struggles. I believe and trust that there is some connection to a new path of service that will arise out of all of this – I am open to possibilities, and am grateful for every day. As I continue my journey, I feel the best is yet to come!

Sleevey Wonders

If you would like to see more slip-on sleeves or make a purchase, go to

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I found slip-on sleeves from Sleevey Wonders in a local clothing store and loved them, hence the post to my blog.

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