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I have a very big, fluffy, lovable, stinkerish but still so cute cat named Philippe. I found my big fluffy friend at a local shelter about 9 months ago when he was a 3-month old kitten. He was so adorable that when they opened the cage so I could pet him, he jumped out and landed on my chest. I had to wrap my arms around him quickly so he wouldn’t crash to the floor. He snuggled into my neck and that was it. My heart melted on the spot and I proclaimed, “this is my kitty!”. I brought him home and life has been more interesting every day since.

Here is a picture of me and Philippe a month or so after I brought him home. It’s one of my favorites even though it’s a bit blurry and poorly lit.

I named my new kitten Philippe. He now seems like a Philippe to me but every time I write his name I spell it differently; Philippe, Phillipe, Philipe…. I’m not really sure how it should be spelled and still be fitting for my kitty. He is rambunctious. He runs by at top speed and almost knocks me over. He’s klutzy and is the first cat I’ve encountered that can’t really jump well. He leaps into the air and misses his target (I’ll have to post a video of this some day). He has grown to be a big cat! A big cat who likes to tear up the corners of my carpet, try to eat everything he can find in the house, or just in general, destroy things. He has a very big, fluffy strong tail that he wings around and knocks down everything in its path without a care in the world. I started calling him Philippe the Destroyer. “The Destroyer” part seemed right but still the spelling of Philippe was not. One day, I’m reading an article and I see the name “Felipe”. That spelling is so much more like my kitty, Felipe the Feline, Felipe the Destroyer!! I love it! So today, on this Wednesday morning at 6:40am, I have officially renamed my big, lovable, klutzy, fluffy kitty Felipe the Destroyer. The world feels right again.

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